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Shakespeare's Contribution
The old bard took great care of his hair and was a regular customer at London's top salons. To show his gratitude for their services he has left us with a great treasure of names.
  1. A Midsummer Night's Dreads
  2. All Hair's Well That Ends Well
  3. The Merry Waves of Windsor
  4. Much a Do for Almost Nothing
  5. A Lover's Combed Plait
  6. The Taming of the Strewn
  7. All the World's a Salon
  8. To Trim or not to Trim
  9. O Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art thou Bald?
  10. Such Hair as Dreams Are Made On
  11. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
  12. Out, Damned Bald Spot
  13. Style, Thy Name is Woman
  14. Blonds, Redheads, Brunettes, Lend Me Your Hair
  15. Off With His Hair!
  16. Hath Not a Jew Hair Problems?
  17. Our Remedies Oft in Our Hair Do Lie
  18. Get Thee to a Blow Dryer
  19. O, What Stylists Dare Do!
  20. The Noblest Barber of Them All
  21. The Most Kindest Cut of All
  22. Good Riddance to Crappy Hair
  23. Short Shrift
  24. To Thine Own Hair Be True
  25. Uneasy Lies the Head That Has Dandruff
  26. Unisex Me Here
  27. My kingdom for a Haircut!"
  28. Some Rise by Mousse, and Some by Scissors Fall
  29. Give the Damsel Her Do
  30. We Have Seen Better Hair Days
  31. Et tu, Barber
  32. Not That I love Curls Less
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