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Dylan's Tops
We owe a lot to Bob Dylan. Not least those wonderful songs that have inspired hairdressers all over the world to name their salons in honor of this great artist.
  1. The Styles They Are A-Changin'
  2. Your Hair Shall Be Released
  3. Curls From The North Country
  4. Gotta Shear Somebody
  5. Look Just Like A Woman
  6. Hairicane
  7. Ballad of A Thin Mane
  8. Hair Waves of 61 Revisited
  9. See That My Hair Is Kept Clean
  10. Don't Think Twice - Cut at Once
  11. Blonds on Blonds
  12. One Too Many Perms and a Thousand Bucks Behind
  13. All, I Really Want To Do your Hair
  14. It's Alight Ma, I'm Only Trimmin'
  15. Blowin' In The Dryer
  16. I Pity the Poor Hairless
  17. I'll Be Your Barber Tonight
  18. I Cut More Than You'll Ever Grow
  19. Shape Me As I Am
  20. Wave Lady Wave
  21. If You Gotta Cut It - Cut It Now
  22. Someone's Got A Hold Of My Hair
  23. Most Likely You'll Grow Your Way (And I'll Cut Mine)
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