Name Your Salon's Hip Top Ten

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Rapper's Run
Everybody needs a haircut sometime - even Hip Hop artists. What could be smarter than hair salons christening themselves with names attractive to high-rolling Rappers (and their fans)looking to pimp their do's?
  1. Fight the Power (of Premature Balding)
  2. Nuthin But a Bang Thang
  3. Notorious Big Barbers
  4. A Trim Called Quest
  5. Straight outta Curlyton
  6. Ready To Dye
  7. He’s the DJ - I’m the Stylist
  8. Snip Dogg
  9. Low End Hair Theory
  10. Shed So Many Beards
  11. All Hairz on Me
  12. Rap Unzels
  13. Hair Rap Π
  14. Hair 'n the Hood
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