Name Your Salon's Top Ten

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Fab Four's Finest
Be careful with naming your salon with one of these names.Potential customers might mistake your business for a record store.
  1. Got to Get You Into My Chair
  2. Hair, Here and Everywhere
  3. You've Got to Hide Your Locks Away
  4. Fixing a Hole
  5. While My Scissors Gently Creep
  6. Why Don't We Do It in My Chair?
  7. Comb Together!
  8. You're Gonna Lose that Hair
  9. I Want to Hold Your Hair
  10. We Can Straighten It Out
  11. Strawberry Blonds Forever
  12. I Cut Her Standing There
  13. With a Little Help from My Stylist
  14. Help
  15. Love My Do
  16. I'll Cut instead
  17. The Long and Winding Extension
  18. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Salon
  19. Devil in Her Hair
  20. Hair Dude
  21. Please Please Me
  22. Get Back to Where Your Hair Belongs
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